Tuesday, May 16, 2017

we live to see another day

We live to see another day is pretty much all I can say about my beta results.  They're high, 1,530 at 13dp5dt, or roughly 18dop.  The neurotic traumatized basket-case in me, with a tiny but clear voice  might ask, too high?

So now I go back.  The clinic is also testing my TSH, something that was never done by my OBs or REs in the past.... which is a nice touch for an RPL-er, though my thyroid has never been identified as a culprit in the past.  In any event, the numbers have to start doubling.  Baby steps.

I just re-ordered another supply of estradiol, progesterone and syringes + needles.

This morning I chatted with my parents about everything and anything that didn't have to do with pregnancy. I will be seeing them in a few weeks.  If this thing sticks I can always tell them then.... or not.


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