Friday, May 5, 2017

Chipper pessimism (I mean pragmatism)

Dear IVF Coordinator,

Good morning!  This question isn't coming from pessimism (it's more from pragmatism).  If my beta is negative the week of May 15th, how soon could I start the process over again?  Could you explain the next steps and timeline to the next FET?  I'm asking because I am trying to get my work  and vacation calendar in order for the summer.  Thanks!  (And stay dry!)



  1. Hoping you don't need any of these answers, but I SO get where you're coming from. I was plotting my 4th round of IVF when I was meding up for my one and only FET. I was pregnant- so it was for naught- but I liked having a plan. Hoping it is the same for you!!

    1. Depending on when my period came, next FET would either be last week of June or first week of July. Knowledge is power!