Monday, May 1, 2017

Calm before the whatever

Well, first I have gotta report that Viking is THE BEST at IM injections.  No, seriously, we could make some serious cash if he attempted some mildly illegal side-hustle offering to inject infertiles in need. He's that good.  (Icing the injection site ten minutes prior, then massaging and lying on a heating pad ten minutes post helps too).

My office is eerily quiet because everyone but me and one of my staff are attending an enormous conference out of town and won't return until Thursday.  It's a perfect week to get some embryos implanted, cower then hide and pretend that I'm not going to be a lunatic.

The FET is scheduled for tomorrow at 2pm EST.  I'll take the next day off to hibernate a bit....though I wish I was better at self-pampering.  So far, Wednesday includes: Volunteering at the Nibble's school for an hour, getting my A1C rechecked, then visiting my disapproving nutritionist to hear all the way that lupron blew my weight loss plan.

Somewhere in that day I should eat a nice meal (fuck you dietician) and browse around a thrift store.

See ya on the other side.