Sunday, May 7, 2017

Still doin' what I do....

Last night my daughter's public school held a pretty spectacular fundraiser.  And yes, in keeping with the fact that I refuse to believe that the following things will doom a pregnancy that isn't already doomed: I drank a beer, ate a few mini tuna sashimi tacos (because they combine my two favorite things in the whole wide world) and danced my ass off.  In heels.

And I might as well admit on this confessional that I did all of this "call the tww police" stuff after being something of an asshole and peeing on a stick at 4dp 5dt.  Why?  Because I was crazy tired yesterday, and fell asleep for nearly two hours in the middle of the day.

 There was a faint line.

(There is still a faint line today).


  1. Ahhh everything crossed for continued good news.

    1. I will take all of the crossed things! Thank you.