Reproduction Road (Timeline of TTC)

March: Age 34.  Recently married.  Say to Husband, "Let's have a baby."  He does his part.
April:  BAM.  Pregnant.

January:  Age 34.  Welcome to the world Niblet!

March: I turn 38 YO.  Say to Husband, "Hey, I have a new job closer to home. Let's give Niblet a sibling."
April: BAM.  Pregnancy #2.
May- June:  This Pregnancy is not going well.
July: MMC, 12 weeks; First D&C; pathology report:  Partial Molar Pregnancy; Begin 6 months of monitoring to ensure I don't develop Gestational Trophoblastic Disease. Aka cancer.
August:  First menstrual cramps appear, I start ovulating.  Yet my period is nowhere to be seen.
September:  I google something called "Asherman's Syndrome"
October:  Multiple doctors refuse to believe I have Asherman's Syndrome.  It is "too rare."
November:  Fail HSG test, catheter is blocked from a wall of scar tissue on my cervix.  Diagnosis:  Asherman's Syndrome
December:  Hysteroscopy #1 with Dr. I in Boston. He is the greatest RE in  the world.  My cervix is opened and my period returns, after four cycles of torture.

January: Resume ttc.
March: Turn 39.
April:  Return to Dr. I for another hysteroscopy; Husband and I resume ttc the night I come home from surgery. 
Mid-April: BAM.  Pregnancy # 3.
June:  MMC # 2, 8 weeks; Second D&C; Pathology report shows T14, and suggests possibility that husband carries a balanced translocation, a rare inherited chromosomal abnormality that leads to miscarriages.
July: Husband is karyotyped.  We wait.
August:  Husband is normal.  We are instructed by our RE to "keep trying."
December:  Return to RE for help conceiving.  My FSH is now 8.4.  My AMH is .56

January: Clomid cycle =>  BFN
February:  Clomid + unmonitored IUI => BFN
March: Turn 40.  Clomid + monitored IUI => BFP. Pregnancy # 4.
April:  Natural miscarriage at 6 weeks.
June:  Seek new RE for IVF +PGD;  Learn I am Vitamin D deficient.
Mid-June: Rejected from fertility clinic because my FSH has skyrocketed to18.5; I am also homozygous for MTHFR c677t;  I am told to hang it up: I will not successfully carry a baby to term with my own eggs.
July:  Ramp up on vitamins and supplements, change my diet, and take break from ttc; Prep my body for a September appointment with new RE.
August:  BFP at 8 DPO.  Pregnancy # 5.
October: Heartbreak.  We lose our fourth consecutive pregnancy -a baby girl who tested as chromsomally normal  - at nearly 14 weeks, to a random (1:10,000 odds) horrifying birth defect.

January:  Begin a course of "not trying, not preventing" (NTNP).  Likely experience a chemical pregnancy.
February: BFP at around 9 DPO.  Pregnancy #7 (if I count last month).  Measuring behind at first ultrasound... Here we go again.
March:  Turn 41. Waiting to miscarry....still waiting.... a week of chinese herbs....two rounds of cytotec.
April:  D&C at 11 weeks not-pregnant to deal with the aftermath of cytotec completely not working; drink copious amounts of raspberry leaf tea and try using castor oil packs to assist with healing.
May:  AF returns.  Back on the horse.
December:  Still not pregnant after 7 cycles.  Contemplate going rogue on some leftover Clomid packs....

January - February:  Use up those last clomid packs because why the fuck not.
March:  It's been ten consecutive cycles of not getting pregnant.  With the help of greatest therapist ever, make a decision to get off the horse and face my new reality: I am now infertile.
Mid-August:  Psychic Medium tells me that our family is missing a baby.  However the biological door to children is closed.
End of August:  Begin research on Donor Egg IVF
October - Chemical Pregnancy.  Then make November appointment for consultation with new RE on Donor Egg IVF.
November: Another Chemical Pregnancy.  Fuck my life.

January: It begins.  Day 3 labs, exams, saline-sonogram.
February:  Donor Chosen, legal contracts and consents signed.
Late February:  Donor's Retrieval, creation of embryos with Viking sperm, start birth control.  And I wait to see how many survive to biopsy.
March:  We start with a lot of 8 eggs.  5 fertilize, and of those, 4 are PGS normal.
April:  Begin cycle for FET.  After few weeks of birth control, we add some Lupron. Then I go insane.  Then we happily add some estrogen.
May:  BFP, 4dp 5DT.  Pregnancy number 9 (10 if I count the nibble)....

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