Saturday, March 21, 2020

Justonemore Rona edition

EVERYONE. Everyone.

How are you all my lovelies?

We are holed up in casa de justonemore taking pandemic life day by day. We have food. We have a house with a cozy finished attic. We have a backyard with a giant tire swing. Things could be so so much worse.

Viking and I are both working from home (in said attic) doing zoom meetings with visits from Princess the cat, while our Nanny comes to keep our girls alive each day.  Niblet is baking cakes and taking walks (practicing social distancing) and doing some really boring worksheets. I've been trying to set her up with some online classes and video chats with her friends.  She's also watched the 5 hour Colin Firth Pride and Prejudice DVD set a few times (that's my girl all right).

Sammi is being a lunatic 2 year old with all of the screaming, running and sleep regressions she can muster. I'm kinda happy that no one really sees what I'm looking like these days, though I've been reallu keen on showering and getting dressed each day.

Our cousins who live ten minutes away down the road just brought their newborn daughter home from the hospital two weeks ago. We had hoped to be snuggling a newborn these days but oh well.

Honestly I am shockingly calm about the potential long-term lockdown.  Being an anxiety-ridden PTSD survivor my brain has been training for this for years. Like, this isn't as bad as the terrible thing my brain has conjured up for so many decades.

That said I do have some worries. I worry that our nanny will get sick because she has some pre-existing conditions (we're being as careful as possible but). If anyone gets a fever she's not coming here - for HER protection. I'm prepared to pay her regardless of whether she's here or not because I still have a job. Nevertheless, this is pretty uncharted territory for all of us.

I finally took an online ballet class which felt great (well, technically it felt painful), but it was good for my brain.

Feel free to comment on anything that strikes your fancy.  I am also sending a special shout-out to any mommas out there who may be expecting. Sending you all the strength and love in the world right now.