Wednesday, May 20, 2020

A writing spurt

I am sitting down to write at nearly midnight. 

I have been up since 6:30am, teleworking/supervising homeschool/wrangling a toddler since around 9.

My health is good I suppose. I force us all to go on daily walks for our vitamin D and fresh air. We drive to a fancy nearby neighborhood and walk around and ogle other people's houses and yards (while I excel at keeping children and cats alive, plant life not so much).

My life is as structured as I can make it, with many standing meetings and calls and work obligations.  Representing healthcare workers who are literally begging for PPE and hazard pay at hospitals and nursing homes really shakes some life into your job-related urgency.

Samantha is on what s basically a functional nap and sleep schedule.  I gave up on potty training while teleworking on Day 1. Like, I looked down from my laptop and said, oh hell no, I am not doing this too.  And that was that.  More diapers on the list? Check.

I do most of the cooking and cleaning too. The division of labor is not so neatly divided, but Viking is also in the thick of his work right now. In a few weeks his schedule lets up a bit and he's gonna be responsible for more meals.

Niblet is over zoom classes.  So over them. Her type-A personality will not allow her to skip her assignments, but this kind of learning is sucking the life out of her.  Mostly I order her books and she retreats to her room or a tree swing in our yard to read them.  Watching her swing every day puts a pang in my heart like nothing I could ever imagine. "Mom," she said, "this summer I imagine I will be a lot like Anne of Green Gables, wandering around a daydreaming." Jesus Christ Kid.

If anyone out there is reading my midnight ramblings, PLEASE comment below on how you're holding up.