Friday, May 13, 2022


 We're all scrambling now, aren't we.

For those of my readers out there who are as concerned about the specter of long-COVID as I am, it's been a rough one.  No, I do not believe anyone in my family is at risk of death or hospitalization from COVID. But, yes, my family masks indoors because I'm 100% convinced that COVID is something we don't want to fuck with. I have too many friends right now experiencing chronic conditions after their "mild COVID colds" and I'm just sitting here numb.

I haven't talked about it a ton, but my forties have opened up a strange new world of autoimmune shit that I am navigating. IBS is the main one, restricting dairy and onions and garlic and cruciferous vegetables is helping.  Massive allergies are also in the mix. I go to bed with giant welts on my back, hives, inflammation and sinus infections are a regular part of my routine now. Would I like to add on some more intriguing symptoms to my daily routine, like brain fog and fatigue and joint pain? No thank you, I've got enough going on. I'll keep my mask on.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to figure out where I fit in supporting the front-line community members who are working overtime to expand abortion services. Right now I'm raising my voice on the crowdfunding we need. My state, Maryland, currently has one of the only clinics in the country that provides care for people who need abortions later in pregnancy. We're also expecting to see an influx of need as states pass their own versions of Texas SB8.

In response, a local OB/GWN and a Nurse Midwife are launching their own clinic, Partners in Abortion Care. Please spread the word and support them if you can!

This weekend, I'll be volunteering at a rally demanding that our governor release millions of dollars in funding that was earmarked to expand services. When S is older, I will probably step up and volunteer for our local abortion fund's warmline. 

None of it is enough. We can't mutual aid ourselves out of this hole we're in.