Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Still waiting.

Aaaand it has now been 32 days since my miscarriage began.  AS USUAL I am waiting for my period.  I should probably title the entire freaking blog "waiting for my period" since this could capture like, half of my reproductive life.  I have work-related meetings all day today but a visit to my rock-star acupuncturist is scheduled for this evening.  If anyone can jump start this bitch, it's her.  In other words, "Hey Work:  Let me the hell out on time."

Waiting.  This is the key word, if you will, for the ranks of the infertile, isn't it?  Each month is a mini-cycle of waiting, compounded on months - or in some unfortunate cases - years.  For those who move on from the physical act of reproduction to adoption, the years continue on as well.

Personally, I have been "waiting" to bring a second baby into our home since 2012.  A little over two years?  An eternity.

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