Thursday, May 8, 2014

Goin' back(wards?)

So I have been busy trying to squeeze in some research the past two days (given that I am a researcher this has been surprisingly difficult on a time-management level).  Long story short, we have to consider IVF again, albeit without the PGD.  Because Husband's insurance is NOW saying they WILL pay for three rounds, up to 90%.  With that we have to consider it.  I know I just can't face the potential regrets of not exploring it before it's too late.

There's also this:  A new clinical trial showing that IVF is actually twice as effective for 38-42 YOs who are looking to conceive.

So then I needed to go back and look up IVF statistics for my age group (data which is helpfully collected here).  And discovered that the clinic where I had such negative experiences for Asherman's diagnosis and Treatment has the best stats for live births for women in my age group in my region.  Sigh.  You will recall some of my complaints about "Babies Guaranteed" (though that's a misnomer for 40 YOs).  These complaints basically stem from the general douchiness of one doctor, a patronizing dude who tried to make me feel like an idiot and unnecessarily dilated my cervix.  Yeah, fun times.

But the facts are the facts.  Dr. Cuddles is an incredible RE but I don't feel comfortable attempting IVF (if I'm even a candidate) with her very scatter-shot office.  BABIES GUARANTEED has not only stats but the added bonuses of in-house labs for bloodwork and monitoring, and a financial counselor who will deal with all of the arguing and haggling and general life-sucking bullshit with your insurance company for you.

Last night I called a close friend of mine who has experience with this clinic (including a TERRIBLE experience with doctor dickhead), and eased my fears about things like the bajillion injections I would be agreeing to if I go down this road.  And she suggested something pretty simple.  Pick a new doctor, they certainly have enough of them.  Try Doctor B, who is actually pretty compassionate.

So I pulled the trigger.  I called and made an appointment with Dr. B during the last week of May for a consultation.  I can pose the pressing questions niggling my brain at 3am.  Is my low-ish AMH a deal-killer for IVF's efficacy?  Does IVF without the PGD even make sense for a 40 year old who has had three back-to-back losses as a result of hinky chromosomes?  Are more IUIs madness?

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