Tuesday, May 27, 2014

it's been a while

So, my period finally came last week - again on a plane, what gives?  But I am happy to report that it was heavy, occasionally painful, and all around normal.  With that, the sad chapter of my third miscarriage can now be officially closed.

Today I update this blog at CD 8 of my cycle, so I'm entering my "fertile phase."  The grass is lush and green outside my house, situated in a beautiful section of the Mid-Atlantic U.S.  The flowers outside my front porch are blooming.  Bunnies have invaded my yard and my husband is on strict orders not to chase them out, plants be damned (he is also on strict orders not to imbibe, I run a tight ship). As you can see I am hoping for the best here.  I would love to be another "I was all set to start an IVF cycle and BAM we got pregnant the old-fashioned way" success story.  Lurk the support boards enough and you too will convince yourself it can happen to you.  On a beautiful sunny day in May you can convince yourself of anything.

Tomorrow I will consult with a new RE at Babies R Us Fertility Center.  I have written out my history, hell, I've been reciting it in the car, the dates and events and surgeries and details surprisingly exact.  Creepy perhaps, but if I don't take charge of my medical history and advocate for myself no one else will.  To be honest,  I am not sure what this new RE will bring to the table:  Gloom and doom?  The unaffordable solution of Donor Eggs because of my miscarriages?  IVF with PGD that I cannot afford?  A prescription for more medicated IUIs?

I'm nervous.


  1. Good luck! I'm still praying for you! My daughter-in-law (age 41) had 3 embryos transferred today in this IVF cycle. All I do now is pray for baby blessings for everyone. You're at the top of my list! ;-)

    1. Oh wow, I have everything crossed for her, stick embryos stick! And I will take all of the prayers I can get, so from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!