Monday, May 19, 2014

Still waiting part deux.

It's Day 37 since my miscarriage, and I write to you from the land of the insane.  Can I whine a little?  Because seriously, the clock is tick-tocking away as my body tries to figure out what the fuck to do next.  I know, I know, a period after a natural miscarriage can generally come anywhere between 4-6 weeks later (according to Dr. Google at least).  I am somewhere in week 5 with nothing but a slightly blood-tinged piece of toilet paper to show for it (Yes.  I did need to share that because it only exemplifies the crazy).  And I can't imagine that a wall of scar tissue has suddenly formed over my cervix without any of the trauma of a D&C, so I am going to assume that my hormones are just completely out of whack.  And I am currently only a week off of my plan to resume the baby-making.  But any more of this waiting and I swear..... I will just start to cry like a baby. 

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