Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Another two-week wait

Ahhh this past week has felt like a month.  I am so happy to learn that my fears and anxieties over a bunch of medical procedures far exceeded the actual pain of those procedures:

HSG:  As reported last week, no picnic, but absolutely tolerable.

Mammogram (because I am elderly in the medical world):  Let me say that I built this one up to pain of epic proportion.  "Small breasted women experience more pain" (says many a chick musing on the interwebs).  "Dense breasts make them painful."  I don't think mine are particularly dense....but despite regularly doing self-exams, I'm kinda unsure.  And my mother reports extremely dense breasts, so who knows?  Well, carrying something close to a B- on my chest, I was worried.  But perhaps I had the gentlest radiology tech.  She certainly was the most calming.  It was no picnic, but again, it was tolerable and I was practically skipping out of there

22 Vials of Blood:  Meh.

I am not writing any of this to suggest that the women who experience unbearable pain from any of this are pathetic wimps.  Hardly.  More to underscore that it's a really nice and calming feeling to get through all of these diagnostic tests without feeling the need to curl up into fetal position and cry.

Husband rose to the occassion in the late-afternoon hours after the HSG and the morning after.  (YES I WENT THERE).  I was instructed to wait 24 hours after the HSG, but peed on a stick when I got home from work, and ended up waiting only 10.  Infections be damned!  He's getting quite adept at sex on demand.  I really love this guy.

I have few hopes up right now. I don't believe that our timing was quite optimal because I like to get a few shots in before I ovulate, and I am fairly certain I ovulated the day of or after the HSG.  Nevertheless, I sit here in my two-week wait, somewhere around 4DPO.  The sky is blue.  No one is ramming a catheter into my cervix, at least for the next few weeks.  It's all good.

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