Tuesday, June 17, 2014

And then the bottom falls out

My IUI has been cancelled.  Future IVF cycles have been cancelled.

Long story short:  My Day 3 FSH jumped from 8.5 in November to 18.5 today.  My clinic will no longer work with me as I am likely a "poor responder" to drugs with Diminished Ovarian Reserve.  (They have to keep their stats up after all).  The only option I am being instructed to consider is the Donor Egg option.  But without a lottery win of thousands of dollars, this is a pretty meaningless option for me.  I simply don't have the tens of thousands of dollars it would cost.

I am pretty stunned, shocked, traumatized....you can insert the awful adverb.  I went from skipping out of the office this morning with a not-horrible Antral Follicle Count for my age of 9, to this mind-blowingly awful news. 

I've survived three miscarriages - including a partial molar pregnancy - and Asherman's Syndrome to find myself here.

Game over?


  1. The clinic can turn you away like that? Are all fertility clinics like this? How sad!! I can't believe you will accept "game over" yet. You are such a fighter. I'm hoping you will find a way through this.
    My daughter-in-law (your age) who had the 3 embryos implanted last month did not get pregnant once again. She, too, is looking for a new approach. It shouldn't have to be so hard. ::hugs::

    1. Hugs back to you and your DIL, Kathi. Thank you for the uplifting words, I appreciate them. And I am going to keep fighting, right along with her. Sadly, most of the REs out there ARE like this. But I am hoping to have found a new lead on a surprisingly local RE who might just work with me...