Saturday, February 11, 2017

It's happening

Viking and I are headed back to the clinic next week.  The donor we've chosen has started stimming.  Viking will be providing a semen sample, some blood, we'll be talking to a genetic counselor (futility) and we'll be signing lots of scary documents and locking down eight of our donor's eggs.

It's mind-numbingly real.  Viking will be headed back to the clinic sometime the week of the 20th when she undergoes her retrieval, to provide fresh sperm, because you guys, they will be making our embryos with fresh eggs and his sperm. 

Our embryos, yo.  This is insane.


  1. So very excited for you guys! I've been reading your blog, and can so identify with you, and will send a long winded message this weekend. I'm so rooting for you on this journey-sending good thoughts for a successful pregnancy!! Hugs, Diana

  2. I know the gift of donor eggs and am so excited for you. So much good luck your way!