Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Another New Year

Well, away we go. 

Thinking about how I am gonna get my $hit together these next few months is already giving me hives.

So. Many. Appointments. While holding a demanding full-time plus job.

I spent a few days last week rusticating at the Ocean, and it was quite needed.  No work, no emails, no blogging, no babycenter or other forums.  Just the Viking and the Nibble and I hiking at a National Park and swimming in the hotel's indoor pool (thanks Groupon!)

But now reality is smacking me in the face:  I still want a baby, despite the speed at which I'm aging.

So, today, I got back into to my office before 9am, cranked out a bunch of emails and work-related edits to all kinds of written reports I supervise, then shot off an email to the Donor Egg Coordinator at my clinic.  Can I get my day 3 testing done tomorrow at a local clinic?  Can I schedule an exam?  Who can I call about the required session with a therapist/social worker, since I am out of town?

My hats off to all you who who are IVF cycle veterans.  Jesus, I am pretty good on the organizational skill front, but this requires a whole new level of upping my game.  Cycling at a clinic that's about 2 hours away is no joke.  Part of the issue is that usually this stuff all gets scheduled after you pick a donor.... but we are still trying to figure that piece out (for another post).

All of this while attending to Niblet's schedule:  Bi-weekly Dance classes, talent show auditions, play dates, doctors' visits, an 8th Birthday party in less than two weeks that I haven't even begun to figure out apart from "Let's invite up to ten friends to our house to eat cake in the playroom and watch a movie."

I am clearly insane for wanting to bring another helpless little person into our already chaotic lives, right?

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