Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Just a little wednesday hope for y'alls

Ok, so many of you know I generally only lurk once in a while on the recurrent miscarriage support board on babycenter.  Mostly because the vast majority of the women who were on the board when I first joined eons ago, in 2012(!), have gone on to have healthy babies. I pretty much lost many of my friends there.  The women on there are today are supportive and great, but I. just. can't.  I generally feel like I have nothing to offer them in the way of hopeful words.

Well, today I hopped on a thread, and someone posted this very short video.  It's a doozy, click the link below.  Seriously, WATCH IT.

Are your tears dried yet?

The backstory was given by someone on the board who actually knows her:  Apparently she had just found out as well and was shocked. She went to her doctor to find out why she was retaining fluid because she had swollen feet/ankles. After giving up on a baby for over 5 years, pregnancy was the farthest thing from her mind, and besides, she was now in her very early 40s.  Oh, and the big softie in the video is a correctional officer, when he's opening the oven he is seeing her ultrasound pics.

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