Thursday, May 21, 2015

This is your brain on sleep deprivation (and residual alcohol)

I was telling my acupuncturist this morning about how I got my drink on while away for a work conference in NYC, and I am still recovering from a two-nights ago late night that had me back in my hotel room after midnight, and left me with only 4 hours of sleep (the perils of being over 40 and throwing down like you're 32).  Anyways, I overslept this morning and had to rouse myself frantically from a particularly wackadoo mash-up of dreams.  Niblet was pregnant (?!) No wait her classmate was pregnant (?!) No wait, I was bleeding and no wait I was giving birth (?!) but then handing the baby over to the doctor to give away (?!) and then I was riding in a car with some coworkers and they were supposed to drop me off at the hair salon which they couldn't find and I was late for my appointment.  Ummm, yeah, what the fuck?

Maybe I should lay off the gin and tonics.  Especially after I ovulate.

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