Monday, August 4, 2014

To Beta or not to Beta

So, here I am, 9DPO, and still pregnant.

(A funny thing about that - a well-meaning friend who knows my tangled history said to me the yesterday, "Justonemore, how can you be pregnant if you haven't actually missed a period?"  Ahhh, to live in such a blissfully ignorant state of how early the female body can start producing HCG immediately after an egg has been fertilized.  She's clearly never bought a 50-pack of Wondfos online.  And oh, yeah, fuck you Wondfos).

Anyways, I am pregnant right now and an inevitable question arises:  Do I call a doctor to request beta labs to be drawn to track my HCG?

This question is surprisingly challenging.  First off, I am leaving for a much-anticipated BEACH VACATION this Saturday.  "Quest Diagnostics" and "BEACH VACATION" are really never words that should be conjured up in the same sentence. 

Furthermore, this week is pretty jammed packed for me work and meeting-wise, seeing as I'm all, you know, BEACH VACATION.  Running to labs for blood-draws three times would be near impossible.

To top it off, I wouldn't even know which fucking doctor to call.  Do I contact Shady Grove?  Dr B suggested I have them track a pregnancy early on with them because my hinky tube puts me at a 10% risk for ectopic.  But that sounds awful.  Like, "Hey doctors who believe that my chances of having a healthy live baby with my own eggs are nonexistent.  Why don't you track this pregnancy for me to its doom?  Because I think words of negativity are exactly what I need right now."  A call to Dr. Cuddles would produce similar results, I think, plus the whole "I am abandoning you for another practice" angle.

Then there's Dr. K with the new practice.  My appointment with her is scheduled for September 15th.  I could call them right now and beg for them to take me on as a patient earlier, but I feel like that's premature.  Because, I am what, three weeks pregnant?  If I can cram three betas in this week they won't tell me very much.  Surely they will be very very low.  And if they don't double, I will surely be very very depressed on my beach vacation.

When I return from BEACH VACATION, if I am still pregnant, I will be exactly 5 weeks pregnant.  Early enough to start betas and catch a possible ectopic if they aren't doubling, but also late enough to see SOMETHING on an ultrasound.  And I also get a little time to call Dr. K's office and try to get in earlier.  If they say no, I can always try the nice OBGYN who oversaw my second miscarriage, the rare trisomy pregnancy of 2013.

This particular BFP is throwing me for a loop as far as protocols go.  I've already been on my methyl B vitamins to address my MTHFR.  But I am also going to pre-emptively put myself on some baby aspirin to try to prevent clotting.  Lord knows, it's never been a factor in any of my other losses, but the MTHFR diagnosis has me freaked out about it.  Dr. B noted that despite the scary MTHFR mutation I carry, she wouldn't have put me on lovenox shots, and I suspect Dr. Cuddles wouldn't either, so I can't worry about the "what-if I need lovenox?" issue right now.  There are no MTHFR specialists anywhere in my area. And I'm already a "habitual aborter" in the medical world.  With three miscarriages under my belt I have to throw a little caution to the wind here.

Not to mention, this could end up a chemical pregnancy and I could get a period before the week is out.  Rendering this whole blog post moot.

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