Sunday, August 3, 2014

Best laid plans....

Early morning conversation with Husband, who is sleeping.  Conversation rendered only slightly more absurd because I am wearing zumba pants:

Me:  So, I just peed on a Wondfo and there's a faint line I am pregnant.
Husband:  zzzzzz grumble zzzzz grumble..... Oh.
Me:  I am only 7DPO.  This is insane.  I only even tested because I felt cramping and a little nauseous.
Husband:  Cool.
Me:  Cool????
Husband:  zzzzzz

I was supposed to be on supplements for three months to try to get my crappy eggs a little more mitochondrial energy, darnit. Everything you will ever read says it takes three months to show an impact, and I have been on this particular cocktail for a little less than two.

Not to mention we really only did the deed once during my fertile time.

For someone whom most doctors have written off as statistically unlikely to ever have a baby with her own eggs, I get pregnant an awful fucking lot.

Now what?

(Update:  I peed on another stick.  The line is no longer faint.  I am completely knocked up right now).

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