Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tests. And more tests. Yay!

So, my progesterone is normal, and I have to say, I'm a little surprised. 

Let me backtrack:  I visited my RE a few weeks ago, complaining of a very spotty, light period.  Of course the return of my AS was a primary concern, but then my RE took a look at my ovaries via ultrasound and of course gets me completely freaked the fuck out about how one of them is "puny," perhaps I am facing Diminished Ovarian Reserve (DOR) and I could be in a "fertility crisis" (note to RE:  please, I implore you, never use the word CRISIS with me.  Ever).  She sent me home with a fair degree of nail-biting paranoia, insomnia and scripts for more blood tests, a Progesterone check on calendar day (CD) 21 of my Cycle and the FSH/Estradiol/AMH combo on CD 3 (which will fall next week) - this one to assess just how many good eggs I could have left in me.

Low progesterone is common cause of premenstrual spotting in women my age, so I was sure that I would get a call saying I needed to go on a hormone supplement.  Instead, I got a call saying my progesterone is fine, asking that I come in for a sonohysterogram to take another look-see at my uterus.

First, the sonohysterogram: This is a test where a catheter is inserted into your uterus, which is also being monitored by ultrasound.  The catheter is hooked to a line of saline, which then fills your uterus, so that a doctor can get a visual image on any potential abnormalities, such as polyps, or fibroids, or other anatomical issues. This test is reportedly painful as all fuck.

And yet, as is par for the course for me, I am THRILLED to be getting this done next week.  My guess is that my RE is looking for a polyp or fibroid near my ovary causing spotting.  But I have had a nagging fear that my cervical scar tissue has returned, so if a catheter can get in there, it means that there is at least some passage way.  Likewise, the catheter could break away any tissue present.  Or, alternatively, if the catheter doesn't get in, I at least know to hop a plane to Boston for a fun in-office hysteroscopy with my miracle doctor.

And pain, well, I figure if I could have scar tissue cut from my cervix without anesthesia I can get through this right?  And I don't have to fly into Logan (yet).

What my current RE lacks in the warm and fuzzies, she more than makes up for in competence, I think. 

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