Friday, October 11, 2013

Another PSA

Well, things are looking up.  Sure, I'm on crutches, and I'll need physical therapy, and it's raining so hard that we're all walking around looking like pathetic drenched kittens, but it's a torn muscle behind my knee, not a ligament, and I won't need surgery, so I'll take it! 

But the better news is that my RE can actually squeeze me in this coming Monday to start investigating my wonky period, including setting me up with progesterone tests.  What a difference a new doctor makes.

So here's my public service announcement for the week, the one I will never stop repeating:  PLEASE, press your doctors if you feel that something is wrong.  YOU know your body better than anyone (and if you don't, YOU have the power to learn it's rhythms and cycles).  If your doctor is dismissive of your concerns, seek out a second opinion. 

Every day I check the support boards and read the post of some poor soul who is spotting, or whose period is lighter or maybe she has a weird cramp, and her doctor is all "ehhh, you're worrying too much, a woman's body isn't always like a clock, sometimes things are a little out of whack, it's probably nothing."  Ughhhh, this is often times a seriously wrong answer.  Because how many of us just know our bodies tweaks and quirks when something appears or feels off?  I bet a whole lot of us. 

Good god, it's hard enough for so many of us to get pregnant, or maintain a healthy pregnancy once we get that BFP.  Adding on the weight of a doctor who won't listen or help when we believe something is wrong is time and energy that none of us have to waste.

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