Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Well, we've now done a few nights of the (relatively easy) lupron injections.  Yeah, for the uninitated in IVF, these are like the easiest injections you will ever do, the needles are pretty small, like insulin needles.  I can't say I'm jumping for joy with happiness about how I am feeling on leuprolide - there's a reason I've heard it referred to as "the Devil" by women on babycenter.  Yeah, I feel a little on edge right now, but I suppose life could be much worse.  I could be on progesterone injections... oh snap, just a few weeks until then.  Let me get back to ignoring how shitty lupron injections are.

I'm headed to NYC for a few days with the nibble and without the viking on Saturday night, so I get to hide in the bathroom and stab myself with (the albeit tiny) needles for four nights in a row.  Nothing but fun times ahead.

It's not helping that work is insane right now.  Nonstop for both Viking and myself.  I was hoping to take Niblet on an outing to DC tomorrow to meet up with a pack of family members who are in town but I have to cancel because there just isn't enough time in the day.  And she did spend all last weekend with said family (side note, my husband's side resembles the Children of the Corn). I know there will be tears, but you know what kid, mama's under a teensy little bit of stress right now, so maybe we can both hold it together, ok?

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