Monday, April 24, 2017

Local infertiles just got even unluckier

I read the news yesterday that Dr. K, the only RE I ever saw locally with a shred of compassion, died at age 61.

Dr. K performed my last D&C on Good Friday, 2015.  She honored my request to have it done under ultrasounds guidance, as per the Asherman's A-lister way.  The scarring never returned.

She was a huge booster of fertility preservation for cancer patients too. 
Oh man, my heart is heavy.  Had her clinic allowed satellite monitoring, I would have absolutely cycled with her.  Trust me, I begged them.  Her clinic had a donor egg program that was strictly anonymous, and therefore a no- go for us.  But besides the irritation of lengthy travel, it would have been nice to have this angel in my corner.

I often told local women to go see her, despite being affiliated with a health system that doesn't have the best SART stats for IVF.  Her clinic took on the worst patients, unlike Babies Guaranteed - who kicked me to the curb the minute my FSH jacked up.  She offered kindness and hope to me when I was at my lowest.

Rest in Peace Dr. K. 

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