Thursday, June 25, 2015

Get the show on the road

I'm 11-ish DPO and most definitely not pregnant.  I will not lie to my readers.  All of my talk of NTNP aside,when I visited my acupuncturist yesterday it occurred to me that I was falling into a very old habit of expecting myself to be pregnant.  I looked at the calendar and realized that I had my last D&C in April.  My first period afterwards arrived in early May, so my first cycle where I even began to think about pregnancy was in May.  So, I've gone two cycles since a verrrrrrry looooooong miscarriage without a pregnancy. Seeing as according to the statistics recited to me by some former docs I have a roughly 2% chance of falling pregnant in any given cycle, this shouldn't be much of a surprise, right?  Maybe because I have spent roughly a third of the last three years with HCG coursing through my veins, I feel a little weird when I am not just a little bit pregnant.

Lemons to lemonade, friends.  If I want to really focus on getting fit(ter), there's no time like the present. 

Back to ballet tonight!

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