Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Angry Day

Snippet of conversation prior to the start of a meeting with the heads of my organization, in a seemingly innocuous conversation about cats:

VP:  You only have one cat?
Me:  Yes.
VP:  You only have one child too, right?
Me:  I have exactly one child and one cat.
VP: You need to have another child.
Me:  Silence.   Maybe Princess would like a friend.

Yeah, I had no idea that I needed another child. If that's the case, we're in a lot of trouble, and thanks VP for the helpful life tip. This must be why you make the big bucks.

People, y'all better hide from me.  I am internalizing a lot of angst and anger today, and there's a good chance I will spontaneously combust on your ass.  


  1. Omg how rude! Now how did the VP manage to switch the conversation from cats to children? I would have asked. "Oh and what about my cat? We were talking about cats no??"

  2. You know it's sort of like when you are watching an accident in slow-motion and are too stunned to do anything. I think I need to work on faster recovery times during these crazy conversations!