Thursday, April 23, 2015


"Are you strong enough to try again?"

No kidding, I know I'm prone to drama, but for reals, Dr. K bored into my eyes with hers as she asked me. It was intense. My uterine lining appears to be bouncing back post D&C.  My cervix was swiped through easily with a pipelle (think long flexible Q-tip - ow) and we expect my period to come within the next ten days.  I clearly ovulated on my left side.

Yes, doc.  I think so.  I just need some luck on my side, and I will likely be pregnant again if my past fertility is any indication, right?

With that, I'm getting back on the horse.

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  1. Good luck! My friend's sister had 4 or 5 losses (1 at 6 months) when she was 40 or so. She was TTc #2. She kept trying and just had her second daughter last august. It can happen! She just kept trying (naturally) until she got lucky. Best wishes!