Tuesday, December 9, 2014

"My wish for you"

"My wish for you is not about money or wealth.  I wish for you to be just like that old woman who lived in a shoe like that nursery rhyme.  So that when your husband would come home, he would be tripping over children.  You are such a mom.  You have so much love.  I believe that you will have another baby to love and raise.  I believe in miracles."

Well that was an unexpected moment in my day.

You see, those words were spoken by a friend at work who knew about two (possibly three) of my losses.  But she did not know about my last baby lost in October until I informed her after she spoke those spontaneous words.  I say spontaneous, because they were just that.  A different colleague had brought her 3 year old to the office, and after a staff meeting I heard her cry and ran over to her.  And her noticing that sprint across the room prompted the soliloquy above from my friend.

It's funny.  Just this morning, Niblet decided to go all drama queen on me and tell me what an awful mom I was (because I had woken her up for school, and was forcing her to actually get dressed, poor baby).  So I won't let my friend's wishes go to my head, the miraculous Niblet will always keep me in check.

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