Sunday, March 23, 2014

Squinters and hope

Things are just getting antsy around here.  I invested in a pack of wondfos from amazon- otherwise known as "internet cheapies" or ICs.  These ridiculously cheap pregnancy tests supposedly capture HCG at super-low levels in early pregnancy.  Needless to say, against the advice of my acupuncturist, I have been peeing on sticks for days, which is hardly a recipe for sanity.

Part of the problem of course is that I can't pinpoint exactly when I ovulated (because I don't temp and chart, it's too much work for the sleep deprived).  I can narrow down that I am either 10 days post-ovulation (dpo) or 11.  Obviously, I am hoping that I fall closer to the 10dpo end of the spectrum (implantation most frequently occurs 9dpo).

Most of this weekend I have felt pretty confident that I am not a walking member of the ranks of the knocked up.  Confident in a dejected sort of way.  I mean, I just don't feel pregnant.  But trying to be rational, my period isn't officially due for another 5 days.  Niblet's pregnancy test was taken after the first day of missing my period.  My last two pregnancies were also confirmed on about the day my period was due. 

This afternoon I got the faintest of lines on a wondfo.  A "squinter" as they call them, when you're angling your peed on stick to the light for the slightest indication of a pink line.  That slightest indication was in fact there. 

I do not believe I am pregnant.  I'm an empirical evidence kind of a gal.  Show me two lines on a stick, and I'll call it pregnant.  And we all know that two lines on a stick are by no means the ticket to a baby, as this blog sadly testaments. 

I do, however, believe I am still in the game this cycle.

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