Saturday, March 15, 2014

Here we are again (In the TWW)

The morning of the IUI had the usual amount of stress which I would like to believe didn't doom it before it began (because babies are conceived and born in war zones, people).  This was mainly the stress of rushing.  Drop niblet at school.  Run, don't walk, to parked car, speed up road to IVF lab. Pick up husband's sample.  Run to office of Dr. Cuddles with vial in bra.  Insert those fuckers with a catheter.  Bata Bing Bata Boom.  Run out to a very important work meeting.  When all was said and done, I think we have as good a shot this month as any - which is to depressingly say, we fully took advantage of the roughly 7% odds that a clomid/IUI cycle will work in a 40 year old.

The good:
  • My lining looked good again, 10mm (the magic number for thickness to support implantation).
  • Two of three follicles were growing at a good clip (one poor little guy was lagging).  This means there's a good chance we're working with two eggs this month.
  • My cervical mucus looked normal.  My estrogen levels were "IVF level" (whatever that means).
  • Husband produced 22.5 million sperm (thank you husband!)
  • We had lots of (lumbering, tired) sex (see: people in their forties) on multiple fertile days to top off the IUI.
So, with that I sit on here day three of the TWW.  I will probably start peeing on sticks in about 7 days.  

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