Thursday, October 6, 2016

And so it goes

Aaaand I think I just experienced a(nother?) chemical pregnancy.

I don't feel anything about it.  I mean nothing.  An egg may have met with Viking's sperms and may have tried to implant, and so it goes.

Onwards, I suppose.

I've been spending the past few days trying to find an Obstetrician who would make me feel less crazy if I actually pulled the trigger and went through with this crazy plan.  Someone who would monitor my cervix, perhaps prescribe me lovenox (because MTHFR), and treat me like the eggshell plaintiff that I am (that's a little lawyer gallows humor.  I have no intention of suing anyone).

This is harder than you might imagine.  I've already burned through two OBs over the course of my last five losses.  Had I had the energy to find a new one, maybe I would have burned through more.  My REs, with the exception of Dr. K, have been useless.  Dr. K belongs to a clinic which I have removed from my list for DE IVF.

On  the positive front, I have found a clinic that may fit the bill for the laundry list of what I am looking for in an IVF clinic, including working with a surprisingly decent egg donor base who may also hit all of the right marks on that laundry list.... but the clinic is in Delaware.  Now, I'm not far from Delaware, not really, but it's still an hour away.  Close enough to work with for IVF, but not close enough for monitoring.  Still, I am planning on making an appointment with them soon.  After the nightmare of our upcoming Presidential Election (cough shit show cough) is over and done with.

"Stop thinking. Act"


  1. So sorry :( hugs. I know it sucks. I had another CP the week before my 45th birthday this year. I didn't even phone the Obgyn for a beta when the hpt came up positive. In my heart I knew what the outcome would be. Delaware isn't too far. Fingers crossed that they will Rx the lovenox.

    1. oh no, not again :( So many hugs out to you.