Wednesday, September 28, 2016


So I may have mentioned that Viking's birthday present this year was an Ancestry DNA kit.  Just how Viking the Viking truly is will be interesting.  Of course I got one for myself for good measure.  Tonight, I finally spit into the little vial I was sent, sealed it and placed it into the tiny postage paid box for the mail.  I then went online, registered my kit, and began a to work on my itsy-bitsy, teeny-tiny family tree.

Niblet was by my side as I typed in the scant information I know about my lineage.  I could only conjure up both the first and last names of my great grandparents on my paternal side.  Virtually Everyone on my Mom's side was entered as just a first name with the "deceased" box checked.  But check this out, I actually learned my father's matrilineal grandmother's full name, including the fun Polish spelling of her maiden name.  "Niblet, that's her, that's my Mémé's mother!"  "So that's my great-great-grandmother?  Cool."

And this exercise was all fun and games until Niblet started at me with her enormous soulful hazel eyes and said the following:

"I'm sad.  If I never have any babies, that means our family dies, right?"


I cheered her up a bit with the reminder of my sole cousin's children.  And the jillion second cousins she has (and knows) from her Viking side.  So yes Niblet, the families do live on..... but my mother's branch is dangling by a thread.

Fucking Holocaust.

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