Monday, March 23, 2015

medical miscarriage update

So at some point I will post one of those "My experience with cytotec" posts we see out there, so when there's another poor soul googling "experience with cytotec for missed miscarriage" she will get yet another first-hand perspective on what the experience might be like. 

However, I need to sit on this post a bit, until I know with certainty what the outcome of my weekend was.  Did I cramp?  Yes.  Did I bleed?  Yes.  Did I pass large clots?  Yes.  Did I pass all of the "products of conception"?  Can't say.  So I will go into Dr. K's office for a follow-up ultrasound on Wednesday morning to see whether a D&C is still in my future. 

The fun of loss #5 is never ending.


  1. Hoping that you can avoid the d&c. As if miscarriages don't suck enough without adding surgery to the mix :(

  2. Ugh. Been there. Had all the flavors, multiple times. Wish I could say something valuable here. Just hang in there. It will be over soon, no matter what.