Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fuck (western) Doctors

"My visit to Dr. H was uninspiring," I wailed to my acupuncturist.  I described how, while she is a very nice doctor in the world of doctors, she too could only offer me donor eggs as a next step to consider.

I also note how no one is taking my MTHFR concerns seriously, which my acupuncturist is astounded by.  "I haven't done enough research on it, but you have a mutation that causes a folate deficiency, and your last loss was much like a neural tube defect, which is absolutely linked to folate deficiency."

We talked in more detail about all of my supplements, all of which are geared towards the health of my eggs.  My last egg was healthy, maybe there's another good one in the waiting.  The list currently includes:
  • Co-q 10 (600-800 mg) or Ubiquinol (400mg), depending on what I have in the house
  • DHEA (75mg)
  • Vitamin D (4,000 IU + what's in my prenatal)
  • Prenatals - with at least 800mg of folate, ideally 1 gram
  • L-Methyl 5 Folate - currently 2grams, going up to 3
  • PQQ - 20 mg
  • Daily serving of wheatgrass
She thought the list was good, though suggested throwing in Royal Jelly.  Why the fuck not. 

"Oh, and I've been spotting for three days, and it's really getting to me," I continued.  "I know, I know, it's totally normal to not have a regular period after a D&E, but still, I would like something in my body to work right now."

So she proceeded to needle me up along my endocrine system, turned off the lights, and shut the door.

Forty-five minutes later the door opens, the lights go on.  I feel great.  I am realizing that I tend to feel really good  - particularly when I am not in a doctors office.

"How is your daughter doing?" she asked.  "Really well, amazingly well.  She loves her school.  She's a fun kid when she's not pretending to be a Disney Princess," I say with a mock feminist grimace.  "Though I guess it's understandable, she does look like a Disney Princess."

"Does she look like you or your husband?"

"Actually, it's a funny thing...." And I show her some pictures of Niblet on my phone.  And my husband, the source of her blond hair.  We stare at the phone in awe and marvel at the wonder of nature.  Niblet is just so freaking cool.

"You know, I think I'm getting my period.... like right now," I say. "that was some fast work!"

As l leave, I realize I'm not ready for donor eggs, even if I could afford them.


  1. You don't need donor egg at age 38. That doctor has the same song and dance as my RE.He told me it was impossible for me to get pregnant without ivf. I got pregnant last year twice at age 42 after a year of doing weekly acupuncture treatments. I know my eggs have replication errors because I have had 2 m/c that were abnormal. That is the only reason we decided to choose donor eggs! Why would your doctor recommend donor egg for you when your baby had no chromosome abnormality? That makes no sense at all! ! Your acupuncturist is right! Your mthfr mutation is definitely the culprit. Has your husband been tested for Mthfr? If he also has the mutation. This could be compounding the problem.

  2. Here is an interesting article on mthfr gene and genetic predisposition to toxicity from heavy metals:

  3. This article shows how the father's mthfr gene contributes to the fetus' mthfr mutation:

  4. Thank you for the links. I never had my husband tested, I will add that to our list. I will definitely want to test Niblet eventually. But you're right, it was unbelievable to me that my doctor was suggesting donor eggs to me right after she handed me a report showing there was nothing wrong with this last egg. Infuriating.
    Also, just FYI, I live in Maryland.

  5. That is cool we are neighbours :) Hopefully one day when we finally have our rainbow babies, we can meet and they can have a play date. Would you believe I am STILL waiting for the PGS to be done? I have been taking the wobenzyme n for less than 3 weeks I am spontaneously pregnant. Sadly I feel no joy. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    1. Oh wow, I am sending you so much strength across the internet (and the state, wherever you are). I won't tell you to feel joy, but I do believe this whole journey is crazy enough to have hope, so I will take on those feelings of hope for you. You're in my prayers.