Thursday, January 23, 2014


Hello.  It's been a while, hasn't it.  As of now I am 12 days post-ovulation on my first cycle using Clomid.  To my knowledge, I am not knocked up.  My period will arrive sometime in 2-4 days.  I have exactly one pregnancy test in my home, and I do not intend to use it  unless she fails to arrive.

The past week I have made a conscious effort to take a "detox" from fertility-think.  Now this is easier said than done, when you consider that a cycle is filled with items to ponder.  A sample cycle:
Day 2: Start Clomid
Day 6:  Take last Clomid
Day 8:  Start peeing on sticks, specifically, OPKs
Days 10-14: drive your husband mad with lust during your "fertility window" (do you all imagine a lush green field when you look out your window?  No?  Just me?)
Day 21:  Go to Lab for Progsterone test
Day 22:  Start identifying all kinds of real and imagined pregnancy symptoms - all a direct result of progesterone surge.
Day 23:  Is that stabby feeling in my lower abdomen implantation?  Or perhaps just that leftover cold chinese food I snarfed down while standing at the kitchen counter?
Day 24:  Take HPT and smack head for testing too early, when it is stark, stark white.
Day 28:  Wait with nose pressed to the fertility window for your period to arrive.....

Of course the above is only an example of a relatively non-monitored cycle.  Next month, when I do hopefully schedule an IUI, there will likely be lots of intimidating ultrasounds with Dr. Cuddles checking the quantity and size of the follicles hopefully bursting from my ovaries.

Speaking of my ovaries, this month's Clomid cycle produced some interesting effects.  As I said to my acupuncturist, if my ovaries were set to music, I would have heard the 1812 Overture blasting outta there.  Whoa.  Thankfully, all that follicular action wasn't for naught.  My progesterone tested 21 about 9 days after I ovulated.  A good strong number that could actually carry a pregnancy, if one ever stopped by to visit.

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