Saturday, January 4, 2014

Easy peasy.

Last night niblet engaged in what we like to call THE HARD SELL, for a baby. It was a little heart-wrenching, but thankfully, a little funny too, watching her hamming up her sad face, her pouty face, looking up at us imploringly from under her lashes.... and then baiting and switching her request for a kitten.  Sometimes I catch my breath at her expressions of loneliness, but ultimately I just know this kid will be fine.   And perhaps I will be too.

Today we chose to visit an exhibit of mummies from around the world was being featured at our local science center, with some friends and their kids.  I am going to leave aside the feelings that viewing embalmed former living humans conjure up.... but I just knew things would get a little dicey in one portion of the exhibit.  Behind one glass case were the mummified bodies of two preterm infants, one at 30 weeks gestation, one at 34 weeks, both with severe deformities.  Of course these mummies brought on lots of questions from the kiddos.  "Did the babies die?" asked Niblet.  I summoned my calm voice and explained to the children that sometimes babies are very sick and can't be treated in their mommies' bellies.  And sometimes they die.


On the IUI front, things are a go.  I finished my supa-dupa course of clomid last night.  Most women start at 50mg/day, but Doc Cuddles brought out the big guns, 100mg/day.  This is shaping up to be the "easy-peasy" IUI, to coin my child's favorite expression.  I'm not having any monitoring of my ovaries, and I'm not being given a trigger shot, because I ovulate quite regularly.  One part of me wonders if we are wasting a good shot at this by being so "shot in the dark" about it, because the clomid could potentially wreak havoc in there.  On the other hand, maybe all I need to get knocked up is a little kick-start to my ovaries.  Since the whole cycle will cost us less than $500, I refuse to dwell on it.  I am incredibly curious to see what side-effects the clomid brings on.  So far it's been limited to one headache and a little bloating. All of this just seems far too... easy.   Could I really be so lucky to have success with such limited intervention?  Of course, I've been in such a rut these long months that I forgot how easily I used to find myself pregnant with no intervention.  Easy-peasy y'all.

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