Saturday, December 7, 2013


In the past few days I have had the uncomfortable feeling that hits you when you realize that there is a world of knowledge and experience trapped in your brain that is impossible to translate to most of your friends, family, or that cool chick you like to talk to in the office lunch room.  And it's not like the knowledge possessed by that boring guy who can ring off baseball stats, or the history buff with encyclopedic knowledge of the battle of Gettysburg.

Instead, your "expertise" is kinda depressing.

Hitting my various support boards to chat about OBs vs REs, IVF vs IUI, Day 3 tests, Day 21 tests, RPL, PCOS, FSH, AMH, estradiol, follicular counts, luteal phase defects, clomid, femara, GonalF, blastocysts, PGS, PGD, hysteroscopies, HSGs, SHGs, progesterone suppositories, shots and pills, lovenox, temping, cervical mucus, estrace, betas, dpo, hcg, CMPs, PMPs, cytotec, D&Cs/D&Es, blighted ova, trisomies, triploidies,  translocations, karyotyping, spotting, septums, uterine adhesions, fibroids, polyps, corpeus luteum cysts, sub-chronic hematomas, red leaf teas, Vitamin E, Vitex, Maca, CoQ10, castor oil packs, musinex and the supreme importance of wearing slipper socks when your feet are cold.... well, I sometimes wonder if I could have completely rocked at something like trigonometry if I used half the energy I have spent in the goal of becoming a fertility expert.

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