Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Back in the game?

Operative hysteroscopies are a barrel of laughs, I tell ya. 

So, I'll confess, I had some doubts going into this one...but hey, turns out my Asherman's adhesions were reforming around my cervix (pesky fuckers) and she cleared those away.  Not enough to completely seal it off like the last time, but they were visible to me on the beautiful picture I got of my hoo-ha, so it's to not have to worry about that now!

Dr. Cuddles (yes, THIS is how I shall refer to my RE from here on in) was far more concerned with the results from my pre-op bloodwork though.  "Are you or anyone in your family diabetic?" she asked sternly.  Umm, no.  I didn't even develop gestational diabetes when pregnant with niblet.  Turns out my glucose, when tested a week ago, was 173.  "Normal" should be in the 70-99 range.  Gulp.  Was it the Halloween candy I stash in my desk?  I have been strictly ordered to lay off of bread, pasta and potatoes (thanks Dr. Cuddles), and retest this asap, as the glucose levels could be affecting my cycle and causing my premenstrual spotting.  Interesting.  And of course, worrying. 

On the happy front: My estradiol levels are normal.  In fact, my FSH is "normal" for a gal my age as well (say yeah for the one hearty ovary!) And again, my uterus is clear, huzzah!

On the less happy front, Dr. Cuddles has officially suggested that I go down the rabbit hole. Seeing as how this is her bread and butter, I'm not terribly surprised. She believes some rounds of Clomid would be in order, to get me to pop out more potentially healthy eggs to work with.  She also mentioned IVF with pre-genetic screening, in the event my body wouldn't find that one good egg on its own ("You are 39 after all").....however, I am not quite ready to go there.  Lord knows, I've never wanted to go there, having been able to get pregnant three times the old-fashioned way.  My insurance covers zip in the way of fertility treatments, and husbands only begins to cover IVF after a year of infertility (we are officially entering the 6 month mark).  I suppose if I'm not pregnant in another 6 months I will entertain the thought.  Sigh.

In the meantime, I will just continue to down my Co-Q 10 supplements like there's no tomorrow and convince myself that acupuncture is re-aligning my chi properly, or whatever it's supposed to do. 

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  1. Oh good luck! I hope this happens for you within the next 6 months! :)