Friday, September 20, 2013

And they say romance is dead

Amazing how when you are trying to be among the ranks of the knocked up, at nearly any point in the month you can exclaim "it's that time of the month again!"  Between your period, pre-ovulation, ovulation, Mittelschmertz  (the Germans have such a lovely turn of phrase for those among us with mid-cycle cramps, don't they?), and the two week wait, well, it's ALWAYS some time of the month, isn't it?

Last month every bodily twinge, every trip to the bathroom, every morning headache and tingly boob was a predictor of something.  Now in reality, that something was actually the creeping crawl of obsession and insanity.  But it's a New Year Yo, Happy 5774! Let's get a fresh start, one characterized by some mental stability!

At Casa de Justonemore we are peeing on sticks again, this time ovulation predictor kits.   Nothing like suggestively waving around a double-lined stick to get one's husband in the mood.  In some bedrooms I imagine softly lit candles on the nightstands, perhaps some fresh flowers (yes, I read a lot of trash romance novels), maybe some Barry White is playing in the background?  Our boudoir is lined by OPKs  and pre-seed, the mood only enhanced by the occasional chirps of niblet singing to herself two doors down the hall.

Ahhh, bring on the sexy times.

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