Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Have I mentioned that I really hated my first RE?

I returned to Dr. X for my follow-up as prescribed by Dr. Isaacson, and wouldn't you know it, the guy managed to eff that up too.  No, seriously.  Remember that pipelle he was supposed to use to clear my cervix of scar tissue?  Yeah, well, he went ahead and painfully dilated my cervix instead.  And me, being in a sort of vulnerable position (seeing as I was lying prone and stirrups were involved), I was just like, "were you supposed to do that?"  Dr. X responded, "Oh, well, this is taking your doctor's suggestion one step further."  Are you trying to SHOW OFF Dr. X?  Because that is UNBELIEVABLY wrong.  AS patients are already at risk of incompetent cervix should they fall pregnant, you just made me even more vulnerable.  Jesus. Thanks doc.

THEN  - after he has already performed the completely unnecessary procedure - Dr. X gets all anxious and asks me if I could be pregnant, because dilating one's cervix could you know, cause a pregnancy to fail.  NOW YOU ASK ME?  No, I am still being monitored for my partial molar pregnancy, and I have to wait another month to pull the goalie.  No, I'm not on the pill, we use condoms and I am not about to get on the pill at my age, I am cranky enough. 

The next month my HCG remains negative.  Finally, we're back in business.

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