Sunday, April 3, 2016

NYC dreams

I spent Spring Break with Niblet visiting my parents in NYC.  We visited museums, ate good chinese food and better bagels, and had an overall fun trip.  Viking stayed home, he was working all week...

Coming back on the Amtrak, I was struck by what a pair Niblet and I are.  Don't kid yourself, this kid's in quite a phase right now, her favorite past-time is obnoxiously yelling about her "mean mom"  - because I frequently make her do such awful, soul-crushing things, you know, like eat her veggies, brush her teeth and hair, and bathe regularly.  But last Thursday we had a few hours of pure bliss at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Leaving my tired mom and dad home for a few hours of peace, we walked miles at the MET, looking at everything from Egyptian temples to decorative french palatial rooms.  I dragged her to rooms with European paintings, because I knew she would be drawn to impressionists.  I bought her overpriced art supplies at the gift shop. When we were done I bought her a hot dog outside to eat by the fountain and she fed the pigeons her bread.  We had a blast. 

I've put to bed the dreams of raising a larger brood, but I am starting to reconcile my life as a mom to an only.  I've fallen into a rhythm with this gorgeous, challenging kid.  It's not the life I dreamed of, it's missing pieces - babies - that I expect to grieve for eternity....but man it's a damn fine life.

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