Tuesday, March 8, 2016

in other news...

I am going to a baby shower in a few weeks.  For a friend who suffered though a few years of unexplained infertility and a miscarriage.  She's incredibly sensitive, always posting very carefully on FB, and being mindful of the infertiles out there (including one of her own family members whose only hope of a genetically-linked baby is through surrogacy). Anyways, you'll all possibly remember my attending PBFAW's baby shower in the midst of my mammo-crisis.

So this is nothing new for me, technically....  Buuuuut it's the first baby shower I am attending where I am going to actively - I mean ACTIVELY - turn off the hope (that I could ever be the lucky recipient of such a celebration)..


  1. You are brave and admirable. Thinking of you

  2. I hate baby showers. I have my 6 year old daughter pick out the gifts.

  3. Ha! I'm so brave that I suddenly felt "sick" the morning of the shower. Cough, cough. But I am sending some awesome gifts!