Tuesday, September 23, 2014

10 weeks

Yesterday I handed over more vials of blood for the Panorama screen. Now I am in waiting hell for the next 1-3 weeks.

(Hmmm, is it just me or is there too much hell in pregnancy?  Beta Hell.... Screening Hell.... Waiting Hell....)

Last night I had some abdominal cramping, went upstairs to lie in bed, and just stretched there, wondering, "Whoa, is this how it all will end?" 

When you google "abdominal cramps at 10 weeks pregnant" you will get a whole lot of hits and that will serve to calm you a little.  Because abdominal cramps are apparently quite common at this stage, particularly after multiple pregnancies.  Supposedly my uterus is stretching and the fetus is in one of its rapid development stages.  Every WebMD-ish site out there will note that unless the cramping is "rhythmic" and accompanied with bleeding, I should not worry.  These cramps were the opposite of Funkadelic - more the occasional odd stabby pain on one side which subsided to a dull ache - which felt a whole lot like menstrual cramps - and then disappeared into the night. 

Tomorrow I go in for my first official OB appointment, and first face-to-face meeting with Dr. H.  Man, I really hope I like her, because I am so sick of wandering around this town with my stack of medical history, looking for doctors. Not to mention, if we discover a problem on my expected doppler scan or ultrasound, well....let's just say that I have yet to be in the company of a doctor who offered much comfort during those scans in the past.

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