Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Another shot.

So I return here to pronounce that I am decidedly not pregnant.  Ok, it would have been too easy to find success with a single IUI, right?  I am waiting for a new cycle to officially start so I can go through the process again: drugs, scans, sex, more scans, insemination, more sex, wait (not to be confused in any way with sex, drugs, rock and roll).  Rinse wash repeat. 

If my body follows the clock it has favored these past few months, I anticipate my next IUI procedure to be performed on my 40th Birthday.  (Yeah, I need to change the "about me" section of the blog, as I will soon no longer be in the ranks of a chick in her late 30's trying to have a baby.  Good grief.)

I am trying to remain calm and find whatever silver linings I can hold on to right now.  My job is incredibly stressful and busy right now, I am "high on the radar" of my office these days - it would be difficult to schedule the many ultrasounds and labs I would need without anyone noticing.  In April, I fly with niblet to California to visit family, including my one living grandfather.  I wouldn't relish this travel at 11 weeks pregnant. Perhaps this cycle will be timed better than the last, where we missed the mark by around 8 hours.

The boards have also been a source of hope for me.  A number of virtual friends in their early 40s have recently struck the elusive "golden egg" - I am not attempting something out of the realm of possibility.  Also, my acupuncturist thought that last night my pulse was the first one that she had taken "that could sustain a pregnancy."  Kinda makes me wonder, have I been a weak swooning mess these past few months? 


  1. wow! we have a lot in common. i'm sorry that the IUI wasn't successful this time. i will tell you that my anxiety about trying to conceive after 40 disapated a bit once i actually turned 40. sending you good vibes!

  2. Thank you, I appreciate any and all good vibes out there! And the closer I get to my birthday, the stronger I feel that things may just be ok. I think you're right, the pressure of the number itself is more intense.